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Trek Annapurna

Age: 2023-04-07

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The Himalayas are not only a destination for the most advanced mountaineers. Although, due to the difficulties of the route and the high altitude, it is necessary to be in good physical condition, there is a choice of trails of various difficulty levels. Trek to Annapurna is one example of a trip offered by The picturesque landscape of the mountain provides amazing visual and spiritual experiences. On the route, members of the expedition can encounter unique fauna and flora, as well as architecture characteristic of Nepal and the Buddhist religion.

The Annapurna circuit is a great alternative for people who are looking for their first adventures in the Himalayan mountains. Due to the diversity of the terrain, the participants of the expedition must prepare themselves physically before setting out on the route. Depending on the selected start and finish points and the advancement of tourists, the trek lasts from 15 to 20 days. During this time, participants can stay in local hotels and try local cuisine, as well as experience different climate zones.

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